Breast Enlargement

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Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation surgery aims  to increase the breast volume by placing an implant under the breast and brings the breast to the desired size.If you think your breast size is small compared to your body or if your breast is smaller than the other, you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

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Breast Enlargement

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast prostheses are divided into two groups in terms of shape, content and surface structure.According to their shape, breast prostheses are divided into two as round and anatomical (drop).Round prostheses, as the name suggests, are round in shape. It is drop-shaped in anatomical prostheses.The reason why it is called anatomical is that it is more similar to the shape of the breast and its upper fullness is less than round implants.According to the content, there are prostheses with silicone gel or physiological serum filled. When we look at the surface structure, the prostheses are divided into two groups as flat and rough prostheses.It was determined that the formation of capsules around rough-surfaced prostheses was less than those of smooth-surfaced ones.

The most important thing to do after the decision for surgery is the selection of the implant.The size of the implant is determined by the thickness of the skin and the amount of chest diameter.The patient's preferences are also important, but on the condition that they are realistic.The answer to the question of whether the shape of the implant should be drop or round is mostly related to the shape of the breast.

If there is a sagging of the breasts, the type of surgery that combines breast augmentation with lifting should be preferred.

The operation should be performed under general anesthesia in a modern equipped hospital. The average duration of the operation is 1-1.5 hours.The implant is inserted through incisions in the inframammary fold, armpit or around the nipple.Through these incisions, an appropriately sized pocket is prepared in the planes under the mammary gland or chest muscle and the prosthesis is placed in this pocket.The most commonly used incision type today is the incisions under the breast or around the nipple.In the incision made around the nipple, there may be a very small scar around the brown part called areola.In the incision under the breast, there is no damage to the mammary gland and milk ducts, and healing occurs with a vague scar that sits in the submammary groove.

According to studies, it has been reported that breast prostheses in the mother do not pose any danger to the baby.Since the implants used are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscle, they do not affect breastfeeding.Studies have shown that breastfeeding and the amount of milk do not decrease.

You will be taken to your room by wearing a set of bands that wrap around your surgery area and a sports bra that grips your breasts.Dizziness and mild nausea may occur for the first few hours. To prevent this, your surgeon will instruct you to take medication.This can be easily controlled with painkillers. You can be discharged that evening if the surgery was performed in the morning, and the next day if it was performed in the afternoon.Rest is very important for the first 2 days. At this stage, if the implant is placed under the muscle, the pain may increase with arm movements.

Edema begins to decrease after the first two days. In the first period, the implants are positioned higher than necessary.With the help of the massage to be described and gravity, the implants will move downwards and inwards, allowing you to achieve a more natural breast structure.Heavy sports are not allowed in the first month. Sauna, solarium and steam bath should be avoided within 6-8 weeks following the operation.

It is technically impossible to answer this question fully. The duration of use of a prosthesis is life-long, as long as the capsule contracture caused by the thickening of the capsule surrounding the prosthesis does not occur.Capsule contracture may distort the shape of the breast and cause pain in the breast. This condition rarely occurs.If this is the case, the prosthesis may need to be removed. To reduce such a possibility, implants with a rough surface have been developed.