Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

With the demand for non-surgical solutions, the concept of aesthetics without surgery has emerged and has become more popular over time. Studies have been carried out on breast augmentation without surgery, and since 2004, the concept of non-surgical breast augmentation has emerged with the emergence of hydrophilic body fillers. Today, hydrophilic body fillers (Aquafilling) are used easily and safely.


Aquafilling is basically a gel consisting of water and it gives softness and flexibility to soft tissues and ensures that these conditions remain for a long time. There is no contour that can be noticed with manual examination. The main feature of the procedure is that the postoperative recovery period is short. The patient can return to his social and business life two days after the procedure. It gives a natural appearance to the human body when used, thanks to its composition being 98% water. Thanks to its structure, Aquafilling does not cause any complications and provides high safety and long-lasting effect.

Advantages of AquaFilling Application

* It is a non-surgical procedure that causes minimal trauma to the patient.

* After the surgery, recovery takes place in as little as 1-2 days.

* The final aesthetic result is seen on the 7th day after the procedure (when all postoperative reactions have disappeared).

* No gel migration from the injection site.

* Absence of any signs of inflammation or allergic reaction at the injection site.

* Absence of infiltrates at injection sites.

* Do not disintegrate the implant.

* Natural consistency with soft textures.

* Providing a natural image to the affected soft tissues.

* Long-lasting effect lasting five to eight years.

* Possibility of re-injection

Is Aquafilling Breast Augmentation Safe?

Aquafilling breast augmentation applications are very reliable applications. It has been applied since 2004, and very few people experienced edema and pain after the application in clinical studies. In terms of the reliability of the clinical study, we recommend you to look at the aquafilling official page.


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Breast Enlargement

Frequently Asked Questions

First, the area is wiped with an antiseptic solution, and then sterile conditions are provided. Local anesthesia is applied to the area where Aquafilling will be applied. Afterwards, aquafilling is injected under the breast tissue from a single point with a thin cannula, and the breast augmentation process is completed. Processing time varies between 30-60 minutes. The effect is immediately visible.

Buttock enlargement, crooked leg correction or if volume is needed anywhere in the body, this is possible with aquafilling.

The effect of the application lasts for about 5-8 years. Due to its structure, its effect time is long since it is destroyed slowly. The duration of action can be prolonged as it allows for repeated injections.

Since the filler is made under the breast tissue, it does not adversely affect breastfeeding.