Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock Lift Surgery

The hip is a region that stands in the middle of the body, helps to maintain its static structure and contains an important muscle group.If we go beyond the classical definitions, what makes the aesthetic structure of this region important is that it is perceived as a sexual object.Due to the important effect of the urge to look beautiful on the mind, women have become more wanting this surgery.

Today, the narrow and protruding hip structure has come to the fore in aesthetic understanding.Because of it is the most protruding part of the body, the deformation in this region makes women unhappy and pushes them to seek solutions.Recently, men with a flat butt structure also  demand for butt aesthetic surgery.

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Buttock Lift Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Buttock aesthetic surgeries can be performed with genetically-related problems, a congenital defect of aesthetic structure or the development of deformation over time due to the effect of aging and gravity, and a more aesthetic form can be given to the hip with these surgeries.

Buttock aesthetics with liposuction: With liposuction, which is also called fat removal surgery, the fat tissue in the edge of the hip is vacuumed, the wide hip structure is reduced and a narrower hip structure is obtained. The adipose tissue taken from this region or from different parts of the body is made more protruding by injecting it into the middle part of the butt after undergoing various processes.Since the fat is removed, you will both look weaker and get hip aesthetics. (advantage=two effects with one surgery)

Butt augmentation with silicone prosthesis: A silicone prosthesis is placed under the hip muscle and the butt is protruded. Slight sagging can also be recovered in this surgical technique. Silicone prostheses are prostheses produced in accordance with the shape of the butt.Since the incision is made in an invisible place, there are no obvious scars.

Butt lift: If the hips are sagging and deformed over time, butt lift surgery may be required. However, they are operations with scars and the patient should take these scars into consideration.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The average duration of the operation is 1.5 hours. Patients are discharged on the same day or the next day.It is not allowed to lie on the back for the first 2-3 days. Sitting is allowed from the 4th day and patients can take a shower from this day on. After 1 week, he can return to work and social life. After 2 weeks, he can start light sports such as walking. For heavy sports will have to wait 1 month.

Just as a watch or a pair of glasses will become imperceptible over time, butt prostheses will become imperceptible over time. This happens about 2 months after the surgery and the patient perceives it as a part of the body.

This will be determined by your surgeon's recommendation. This method becomes more convenient if the fat distribution is sufficient and to be achieved with liposuction in sufficient quantity. If you are weak, silicone prosthesis will be more suitable for you.