CO2 Fractional Laser

CO2 Fractional Laser

Fractional laser systems work on the principle of creating thermal damage to the skin. Whereas conventional fractional lasers affect the surface of the skin, last generation fractional lasers initiate it just below the surface. It creates thermal damage by opening intermittent microscopic tunnels towards the deep plane of the skin. Thus, the repair mechanisms of the skin begin to work in this area. Cells are renewed, tissues that forget collagen production wake up and start collagen production. Existing collagen fibers are shortened by 30%. Cell migration occurs from healthy tissue to damaged tissue.

As a result, the skin begins to rejuvenate and wrinkles begin to appear. The color of the skin becomes lighter, it looks brighter. Pores tighten. Early healing occurs as the surface of the skin is not affected.

Since the wavelengths of CO2 fractional lasers are longer compared to erbium yag, diode laser and other fractional laser types, they reach sufficient depth and provide more effective results. Since the depth to be descended can be adjusted, it is a controlled process, recovery is fast.

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CO2 Fractional Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

In skin-face rejuvenation, in the treatment of wrinkles and lines, in the treatment of wrinkles in the decollete area *Tightening the genital area, in genital aesthetics, *In the treatment of spots on the face, pigment disorders, *In the treatment of scars, in all kinds of scars, in the treatment of acne scars, in the treatment of enlarged pores, in the treatment of pregnancy cracks * In the treatment of moles, in the treatment of warts

The procedure is painless with the application of local anesthetic in the form of a cream.

Depends on the action to be taken. While 2-3 sessions are sufficient for light wrinkles, it takes 4-5 sessions for deep wrinkles and scars. One session is sufficient for genital tightening in wart treatments. The session interval is about 1 month.