Ear Surgery

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Ear Surgery

The ear is one of the most important units of the face as well as the organ of hearing.The biggest aesthetic problem in the ear is that the ear is sail-shaped outward.This aesthetic problem can sometimes cause severe psychological trauma in patients.

Today, it has become very easy to get rid of prominent ears with the magic touch of plastic surgery and to get rid of the psychological effect of this deformity.

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Ear Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

5 years is the age when most of the ear development is completed. From this age, aesthetic surgeries of the ear can be started. Since children of that age do not develop value judgments, the psychological pressure of their schoolmates reaches its peak. Mostly, parents ignore this situation, and this situation may cause irreversible psychological problems in the child who is the subject of ridicule by schoolmates. Therefore, especially preschool age should be selected for surgery.

If this surgery is planned at an early age, it is performed under general anesthesia. If the patient is an adult of sufficient age, it can be applied very easily with local anesthesia. If it can be explained well, it can be done from the ages of 12-13.

One of the techniques used is the application made by shaping the cartilage with an incision made behind the ear. It is entered through an incision made behind the ear. If there is a cartilage structure that moves the ear away from the skull base, the ear is brought closer to the skull base with an approximation suture. If there is an outward cartilage structure, procedures that weaken the anterior surface of the cartilage are performed together with corrective cartilage sutures. If necessary, both or three techniques can be combined.

In this way, more permanent results are obtained and fewer complications are encountered. The method called ear aesthetic operation with thread can also be used, but since the deformity of each ear is different, it is necessary to make different solutions for the problem.

After the surgery, dressing and bandage are applied to preserve the shape of the ear. This dressing bandage is removed after 2 days and ear protection is started with a tennis bandage. Bathing can be done at this stage. After the first week, he will use this bandage for 2 weeks, only to use it at home in the evenings, and then remove the bandage.

Some opening can be expected after the surgery. The transaction is applied according to this expectation of opening. The ear shape is permanent as long as it is not encountered with postoperative complications.