Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Surgery

The eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in the body. Therefore, it is the place where the effect of aging begins the earliest. Due to aging, the production of supporting structures under the skin decreases. Deprived of supporting structures, the eyelid cannot fight the effects of time and starts to loosen and sag over time.

There is a thin membrane that separates the adipose tissue from the lower eyelids.This membrane, which acts as a support, loosens over time and cannot carry the weight of the adipose tissue and this causes the displacement of tissues, which we call bagging.With the excessive use of mimic muscles, the first wrinkles occur here.As a result of all these negative effects, the face looks older and tired.It is possible to get rid of this appearance with a surgical operation to be applied to the eyelid and its surroundings.

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Eyelid Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

The eye and its surroundings are an important aesthetic part. It is important to approach the problems of this area early, as it is the place where aging first begins. Recently, it has been noticed that there are deficiencies in the classical surgical techniques for the eyelids, and the understanding that aims only eyelid aesthetics has been abandoned and the approach to eye aesthetics which evaluates the relationship of the eyelid with the surrounding tissues has been started. For all these reasons, preoperative evaluation is very important. Your surgeon will tell you what you need and decide.

If the problem is only crow's feet, botox injection will be sufficient. Non-surgical rejuvenation procedures such as PRP, mesotherapy injections, peeling applications, laser and radiofrequency can contribute positively to the aesthetics of the eyelid and its surroundings. If there are grooves under the eyelid that go down to the cheek, the problem can be temporarily filled with filler injection. A more permanent process can be applied with oil injection.

If the clumping in the upper eyelid is caused by low eyebrows and forehead laxity, the agglomeration can be prevented by raising the outer part of the eyebrow with temple stretching.

If necessary, forehead lift or endoscopic brow lift can also be performed. If there is excess skin and bagging on the eyelid, these problems can be eliminated with classical eyelid aesthetic surgery.

It is done from the age of 35, when the aging process begins to settle. There is no upper age limit. Botox, mesotherapy, PRP injection applications other than surgery can be done at earlier ages.

The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia. It can be done with only the upper eyelid, only the lower eyelid, or both. The operation time is 30 minutes for each lid. In upper eyelid aesthetic surgery, the excess skin, muscle and fat tissue is removed with an incision made from the upper eyelid crease, and the incision is closed with aesthetic sutures. In the lower eyelid, it is entered through an incision made from the bottom of the eyelashes. In the lower eyelid, it is entered through an incision made from the bottom of the eyelashes. Excess skin, muscle and fatty tissues that cause bagging are removed. The incision is repaired with an aesthetic suture.

You can return home the same day after the surgery. There is no pain. Cold application is applied to reduce swelling around the eyes. Despite these precautions, swelling and bruising may occur around the eyes. These swelling and bruises tend to increase in the first 2 days. It starts to decrease gradually from the 3rd day. Keeping the head elevated with a few pillows during post-operative rest helps to reduce edema.

On the 4th day, you can wash your face after removing the tapes and use creams that moisturize the eyelid. Your stitches are removed on the 6th day. From this period, you can apply light make-up. You should avoid heavy sports and applications that increase edema such as solarium, sauna, sun bath, steam bath for 6 weeks. Your stitch marks may be noticeable at first because of the pink color. The scars of the eyelid operation will become unnoticeable over time, as it is the only area of the body that does not leave any traces, provided that the rules are followed.