Face Lift

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Face Lift

With aging, the structures that provide the vitality of the skin begin to deteriorate.Collagen production, which provides vitality in the skin tissue, begins to decrease with aging.With the effect of gravity, the skin in the face and neck area sags and wrinkles.Mimic lines of the face and the groove extending from the edge of the nose to the lip become deeper.

Face lift surgery is performed to eliminate these negative effects and achieve a younger appearance.In this surgery, the excess skin is removed, the skin is tightened and the sagging parts are collected.

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Face Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are middle-aged and above, your face and neck have started to sag and wrinkles have settled, you are a suitable candidate for this surgery. It is ideal for patients who avoid repetitive non-surgical aesthetic procedures and aim for permanent results.

If there is smoking, it is very important to quit at least 2 weeks before the surgery. This should be explained very well and should not be ignored by the patient. Blood thinners such as aspirin should also be discontinued 1 week in advance. The possible risks should be explained to the patient by the surgeon to be evaluated after the preoperative analyzes and anesthesia consultation.

After the fasting period required for general anesthesia has passed, various drawings and photo shoots should be done in order to plan the operation.

The operation begins with general anesthesia. The anterior border line of the ear is extended into the hairy skin or along the border line. If necessary, liposuction can be performed on the neck. The musculature under the skin extending from the face to the neck is recovered. After the excess skin is removed, the scars are adjusted to remain behind the ear and the surgery is finished accordingly. The average duration of the surgery is about 3 hours. This surgery can be performed with the endoscopic method. It can be preferred in cases where the excess skin does not need to be removed. With small incisions to be made through the hair, the recovery process is performed by moving under the skin through the camera.

The first day after the operation is the most difficult period. There may be pain, but this can be relieved with painkillers.The most uncomfortable feeling is the feeling of tension and pressure. These feelings will disappear in a few days.The patient is discharged 1 day later and drains are removed on the same day. The bandage is applied for 3 days. In the first few days, edema and mild bruises may be seen. Stitches are removed after 1 week. Half showers are allowed for the first few days. There is no harm in taking a full shower after 4-5 days. After the surgery, light sports can be started from the 1st month, and heavy sports can be started after the 2nd month.

There may be swelling and bruising after the surgery. The most serious problem is skin loss that may occur. In order to avoid this risk, it is very important for the patient to quit smoking 3 weeks beforehand if he is smoking. It is also possible to injure the nerves that move the facial muscles. For this reason, it should be preferred that experienced plastic surgeons perform this surgery.