Optimistic female patient having injectable beauty treatment


As the skin ages, the supporting tissues decrease, it starts to hold less water and eventually dries out. Wrinkles begin to appear on dry skin. The skin becomes more supple. It extends easily when you hold it and pull it, and when you release it, it almost turns into its original form. You can easily perform this test in your hand. If the test you apply is positive, it means that your skin is aging as well. This is not the end of everything.

These substances that cells cannot produce can be given back to your skin by filler injection. The fact that it can be applied in the practice environment and the short application time seems to be the advantage of filler injections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are the most commonly used fillers. Since hyluronic acid is a water-retaining substance, its production in the skin decreases, and the skin starts to dry and its fullness begins to decrease. Mimic lines deepen. Wrinkles increase. There are collapses in the tissues. Therefore, it is the most used material in fillings. Apart from hyluronic acid, there are also substances that are used as filling. The main ones are calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), biocompatibility products containing polycaprolactone. These dissolve more slowly than hyaluronic acid.

It is used in the lines extending from the nose to the lips (nasolabial), lines extending from the lips to the chin (marionette), frown lines, lip shaping and volume, crow's feet, under-eye light filling, especially in the trough of tears, cheekbone filling, facial contours. It can be used anywhere with a lack of tissue except the face. The most common place of use is the hands. Fillers can be used without the need for surgery, with fillers customized for this job, such as buttock augmentation and breast augmentation.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are permanent for 6-18 months. The effect of other filling types lasts up to 2-3 years. Sessions can also be adjusted according to the duration of the effect.

Allergies are extremely rare. Slight redness and swelling may occur when applied. It is very safe as it is a reversible application in terms of being absorbed. Regardless, it is very important that you have this procedure done by doctors who specialize in aesthetics in competent hands.

There may be some pain, but it is not unbearable. It is almost not felt when procedures are performed with local anesthetic creams.