Forehead And Eyebrow Aesthetic

Forehead And Eyebrow Aesthetic

Eyebrows, eyes and forehead are important structures of the upper part of the face. For this reason, the structure, height and aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow are important elements that complete the beauty. Eyebrows falling due to structural reasons and aging negatively affect the aesthetics of the face. Effects such as gravity, malnutrition and smoking also cause the forehead to loosen, the wrinkles to increase and the eyebrows to fall over time.

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Forehead And Eyebrow Aesthetic

Frequently Asked Questions

Forehead lift is applied to people who are over 40 years old and whose forehead wrinkles are completely evident. If the aesthetic appearance improves when we raise the eyebrows manually, we can talk about low eyebrows. Since the eyebrow droop can be structural, it can also be applied to the young patient group. There are also cases where the complaint of drooping or excess of the eyelid is caused by drooping eyebrows. In this case, eyebrow lifting is applied.

The patient is evaluated preoperatively. It is checked for wrinkles and looseness on the forehead. Then the surgery is planned. For example, in women, the outer part of the eyebrow is shaped according to the top of the forehead bone. In male patients, planning is made according to the forehead bone level. If there is a slight miscarriage, if he does not want surgery, options such as botox are evaluated. If forehead lift is to be applied, general anesthesia protocol is applied. Local anesthesia and sedation can be applied if rope suspension or temple stretching is to be performed.

If the eyebrows are slightly low, the forehead is normal and the patient wants a non-surgical solution, botox injection will be sufficient. If the forehead is normal, the condition of the eyebrows is low and a permanent procedure is desired, small incisions are made from the scalp, and the eyebrows are lifted up with a thread. If there are crow's feet that deepen around the eyes, the outer side of the eyebrow needs to be lifted and the clumps on the eyelid need to be removed, temporal lift surgery is required. It is a more permanent method and is done by making small incisions on the scalp in the temple area. If the brow droop is accompanied by a deepening and loosening of the horizontal lines on the forehead, it is necessary to apply a forehead lift.

If eyebrow lifting was performed with the hanging technique, the patient can be sent home after the procedure. If the temple has been lifted, he can be discharged after being kept in the hospital for a few hours. If he has undergone forehead lift surgery, the surgeon will decide whether he will be discharged on the same day after the observation. It is natural to have slight swelling and bruises. These will disappear in a few days.

Due to the continuity of negative effects such as the aging process and gravity, eyebrows may fall a little over time. However, the transactions will maintain their long-term permanence.