Forehead Botox

Forehead injection

Forehead Botox

Forehead wrinkles are treated with botox by considering the forehead area in detail. The forehead surface is divided into two groups within itself. These; It is the forehead surface with horizontal lines on the forehead and the frowning eyebrow area. The area between the two eyebrows is wrinkled as a result of the frown. These wrinkles begin to deepen over time. Forehead botox is applied when the wrinkles become uncomfortable and start to feel intense.

Botox Application to the Forehead Line

Botox to the forehead line has become a frequently preferred application with successful results. It temporarily removes the lines on the forehead and makes the face look younger and brighter.

Before the forehead botox application, a good observation should be made by the specialist. The correct method is determined according to the degree of wrinkles. Before the procedure, an application is made as follows;

  • First, the forehead of the person is stretched manually. The condition of the wrinkles is checked.
  • Then, the condition of these wrinkles before the stretching is examined. The smaller the difference between the two, the easier the problem will be solved.
  • If deep wrinkles appear despite forehead lift, the process should be supported by other methods.

Botox application is an extremely suitable method for wrinkles. It may even be considered the most effective method. However, if the problem is big and the wrinkle is deep, a filling application should be added to it. More effective results can be obtained with this supportive method.

The same method applies to the frowning eyebrow area.

“With the Botox treatment applied to the forehead wrinkles and lines, it is possible to reduce the wrinkles that may occur in the future. “

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