Golden Needle Radiofrequency

Golden Needle Radiofrequency

RF, which has been used in many fields in medicine, has become the most popular method of the last period. With the development of technology, it has started to be used intensively in the cosmetic field. It is an ideal method especially for patients who are afraid of surgery.


What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is the general name for high frequency radio waves. When they enter the body, they create heat by activating ions in cells filled with water. It affects all tissues containing water by increasing 43-45 degrees in this region without causing it to pass into very deep tissues in a controlled manner.

What is gold needle radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency energy is given directly to the dermis, which is the lower layer of the skin, by using the conductive structure of gold, with 25 micro gold needles in its head for short periods of time entering and exiting the skin. Thanks to the heat energy generated in this region, an effect is created on the target tissue. Since the thermal damage is under the skin, there is no effect on the surface. Healing and targeted effect are maximized. As a result of damage to the target tissue, repair mechanisms are able to work rapidly. By increasing collagen production, skin vitality, stretching, discoloration, disappearance of spots and improvements in wrinkles are observed.

What applications can be made with gold-needle fradiafrequency?

In facial wrinkles, skin renewal and rejuvenation (antiaging): After the application, the skin is renewed, wrinkles are opened, and sagging is recovered by stretching with the lifting effect. It reduces the capillary problem. It is successful in the treatment of stains that occur. It can be applied to almost the entire face, such as the forehead area on the face, between the two eyebrows, around the eyes, cheeks, nose area around the lips, and the area between the nose and cheek.


In the treatment of scars and acne scars: It is used to tighten the pores on the skin in scars, acne scars on the face. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the traces, they decrease to an acceptable level. Treatment of acne scars is one of the most used areas.


In the rejuvenation of the neck and décolleté area: They are very effective in removing wrinkles and sagging in these areas.

In the treatment of blemishes: It is very effective in the treatment of blemishes. As it is known, traditional stain treatment with peeling is a difficult treatment and the chance of success is low. Spot treatment can also be performed with Q switch lasers or spot mesotherapy, but the success cannot exceed a certain rate in this method. Very successful results can be obtained with gold needle radiofrequency treatment. With RF energy, the melanin that forms the stain is broken down into pigment, and melanocyte cells can be suppressed.


In the treatment of cracks: They are quite effective. Crack treatment is very difficult, but good results are obtained with RF treatment. It is not possible to completely eliminate it, but the appearance is acceptable, and the looseness of the skin is recovered.


Arm and leg recovery: Non-surgical recovery with RF is possible in the treatment of arm and leg sagging due to age or sudden weight gain and loss. If the degree of sagging is high, surgery should be considered.


In the treatment of sweating: It is one of the most effective non-surgical solutions in the treatment of sweating. As it is known, sweating treatment can be done with botox injections, but it is a disadvantage if it is repeated every 6 months. Sweating treatment with gold-needle RF is both effortless and can be solved from the root of the problem in one or two sessions.

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