IGF Hair Treatment

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IGF Hair Treatment

What is IGF Hair Treatment?

In the treatment of IGF, a substance that provides the growth factor is applied to the hair. IGF injected directly into the hair follicles stops hair loss. The basic working principle of the IGF application is to increase the blood circulation in the hair follicles and thus to ensure hair growth.

How is IGF Treatment Done? What is the Working Principle?

The treatment method called IGF involves the application of a substance that provides growth factor to the hair. IGF is given directly to the hair follicles and stops hair loss. The basic logic here is to increase the blood flow in the hair follicles and to stimulate the growth of the hair. With this treatment, the hair strands become thicker and shine. The IGF method is especially recommended for patients who have had hair transplantation. Taking these two treatments together allows the planting process to achieve greater success.

There is something important to know about the IGF. If the hair follicles are completely lost, this method will not work. It is absolutely necessary to have hair follicles. In other words, this technique usually works in young people and patients with new hair loss.

What Are the Effects of IGF?

– Increases the blood flow of the hair follicle.

– It reduces hair dryness.

– Increases the shine of the hair.

– Hair loss is prevented.

– Hair growth and thickening of the hair are promoted.

IGF is also called hair vaccine. With this method, hair loss of many individuals has been stopped until now, and their hair has been provided to grow in a thicker and brighter way. IGF has stimulating effects on the hair and ensures the growth of the hair. Before applying this method, the patient should be examined. Then, with the advice of the doctor, the IGF treatment method can be applied.

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