Laser Epilation

beautiful young woman having laser hair removal on armpits

Laser Epilation

The shortest and most modern way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the body is epilation using laser beams. The laser beam is selectively absorbed by the cells that give color to the hairs and causes permanent damage to the hair follicles.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

The history of laser epilation goes back to the experimental studies carried out in the 1960s. Safe hair removal laser applications started in the 1990s and have become more effective and safe by developing towards the present.

* Alexandrite laser is the first laser system to receive FDA approval in 1997. It is a laser system with safe and fast results.

* Diode laser is a laser system developed as an alternative to alexandrite laser. Recently, it has been further developed technologically and has become a safe and effective laser system.

* Nd-yag laser is used less frequently than the other two.

Depending on your skin color and hair condition, it will be decided which laser system to use for epilation.

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Laser Epilation

Frequently Asked Questions

5 to 9 sessions may be required. Session intervals should be determined as 4-6 weeks. While it can be repeated every 4 weeks on the face, the session intervals in the body can be up to 6 weeks. A question may come to mind as to why I can't get rid of hair in one session. This is because laser beams only see active hair follicles. Only some of the hair follicles can be active at that moment. Therefore, the number of sessions is increasing.

Laser application varies according to the area to be applied. It may take 15 minutes if a limited area (for example, the face) is targeted, and up to 2 hours if the whole body epilation is to be performed.

Laser epilation gives the most effective results for those who have light skin color and dark hair type. Light white, yellow colored and thin hairs cannot see the laser beam. These hair types, which are of little aesthetic importance, can be removed with needle epilation if desired.