Laser Vagina Aesthetics

Laser Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal and external genital aesthetics are now possible with CO2 fractional lasers. Laser vaginal tightening and rejuvenation applications (vaginal tigthening-rejuvenation), which were first applied in the USA in 1996, have also started to be applied in our country. The advantage of the application is that it can be applied in a very short time and can be done without loss of work-power.

Many problems such as looseness in the vagina and dark color of the external genitalia can be treated with fractional lasers. The laser beam creates a controlled injury to the vaginal wall and as a result, a narrower vaginal canal is formed, improving the quality of sexual life. It also treats urinary incontinence after actions such as sneezing, coughing, which is called stress incontinence by tightening the anterior wall of the vagina. When laser beam is given to the dark color of the external genital area, it enables the color to be lightened. In short, laser technology is at the service of genital aesthetics. This strengthens the hands of experienced physicians in laser treatments.

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Laser Vagina Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

The sterilized vaginal probe of the CO2 carbon dioxide laser is advanced to the deepest part of the vagina. It is gradually withdrawn, allowing each surface of the vagina to pass through the laser beam transversely and longitudinally. If the external genital lips are to be bleached at the end, these procedures are also performed and the application is terminated.

Patients do not feel any pain whatsoever. Even local anesthesia is not needed. They feel slight fluctuation during the procedure. Vaginal aesthetics with laser is a very comfortable procedure and they do not feel this pain afterwards. For all these reasons, the lunch break is an application process in accordance with the concept of aesthetics, and then the person can return to his social life and work.

Since the procedure is a very comfortable procedure, there are few cases that need attention afterward. A warm shower can be taken even in the evening of the day of the procedure. A one-week ban is required. Apart from this, as in every aesthetic application, procedures such as hot baths and saunas are prohibited for 10 days.

Vaginal tightening occurs immediately after the application. However, as the days pass, this effect continues to increase for up to 3 months.

The duration of the effect of this process begins to decrease after 2 years. Therefore, it is sufficient to do it once every 2 years.

Both applications are different from each other, and despite all the advantages of laser vaginal rejuvenation applications, there may be situations that require surgery. If tears occur in the vagina after childbirth and vaginal laxity has occurred due to this reason, surgery may be the only solution. The plastic surgeon who will perform the application or the obstetricians specialized in this work decide which method will be applied.