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Body contour correction surgery, which is one of the intensively applied procedures, involves vacuuming the fat tissue known as liposuction or giving it to the missing places by fat tissue injection. Vacuum liposuction is called liposculpure or many other names.

Laser lipo: The process performed with the help of laser beam is called laser-lipo or laser liposuction. The laser applied to the adipose tissue with the help of laser beam makes it easier to remove fat with vacuum. At the same time, even if the adipose tissue is reduced in the lower layer due to the thermal damage caused by the laser application under the skin, the skin clings to the underlying tissue and the sagging of the skin is prevented.

Tickle lipo-Infrasonic liposuction: Düşük ses dalgası frekansı ve mekanik yöntemle çalışan son zamanların en yeni tekniğidir. Gülme liposuction olarak da bilinir. Bunun amacı, liposuction cihazının sıvı verme özelliği ile de çok iyi bir lokal anestezi sağlaması, böylece hastaların işlem sırasında tamamen uyanık kalması ve ağrı hissetmemesidir. Öyle ki, işlemden sonra hastaların sedasyona bile gerek duymadan kolayca eve gönderilmesini sağlar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liposuction is the name of the method of removing the localized fat tissues that cannot be removed by diet and sports in the body by means of cannulas by opening small holes with negative pressure (vacuum). Since these opened holes are 3-4 mm long and become invisible over time, they have the advantage of not causing aesthetic problems such as scars.

To put it very simply, if the energy consumed with food is in balance, you will not gain weight and maintain your form. If the energy it receives is more, it is stored in the adipose tissue. This occurs as the growth of adipose tissue, that is, obesity. Well, to answer the question of whether the fat

removal method called liposuction can prevent this, we can answer that liposuction is never a weight reduction method.

Contrary to what is known,it is a method that is used more in thin people. Despite their thinness, due to the different regional fat distribution in some people, no matter how much weight they lose, they can never shrink the localized fat tissues and this can cause unwanted protrusions in the body. The most suitable patient group for liposuction is the patient group with different localized fat distributions.

After the unwanted protrusions are removed with liposuction, even if the patient gains weight, since the fat cell does not divide and multiply, there is a balanced weight gain and these protrusions do not come back. If she loses weight, she regains her post-liposuction state, which shows that this method is the most effective.

Although it is not a weight loss method, it can be applied to overweight patients. However, if the amount of adipose tissue to be removed increases and the safety limit is exceeded, the patient's life-threatening begins, which is a situation that no surgeon wants to encounter. For this reason, it should never be applied by other surgical branches other than plastic surgeons, and if the safety margin is to be exceeded, it should be done in a full-fledged hospital where intensive care conditions are provided.

The idea of liposuction to be performed on superficial fat tissues was first put forward by Italian surgeons in 1989 and entered the literature due to the success of the applications. Studies have shown that superficial liposuction with thinner cannulas provides a better contour where cellulite is removed, and a smoother surface is obtained when combined with deep liposuction.

Classical liposuction (tumescent liposuction) is based on the technique of giving fluid to the tissues and removing the fat tissues with the classical technique. Today, it has not lost its currency and is still frequently used by plastic surgeons. Ultrasonic liposuction (VASER) is based on the technique of ultrasonic sound waves breaking the fat tissue and taking it out with vacuum and has become very popular today. Its difference from classical liposuction is that it does not require the cannulas to move back and forth. LASER liposuction This technique, also called laser lipolysis, is a technique based on the principle of breaking down fat tissues with laser energy. The technique, which has recently been applied in aesthetic surgery, has started to gain popularity.

It is made on the ground where the adipose tissue is located and protruding. Intensely, it can be applied to the abdomen, hips, inner and outer areas of the arms. If there is sagging in the abdomen, it should be combined with a tummy tuck surgery called abdominoplasty.

After the operation, a special corset is put on for about 4 weeks and the patient is taken to the bed in this way. Depending on the situation, they are discharged on the same day or 1 day later. Patients are walked on their feet 4-8 hours after the operation. This prevents negative situations and complications from occurring. Patients can return to their normal life in 48 hours and work in 2-3 days. During this period, excessive effort should be avoided.

No special diet is applied, but a balanced diet is recommended. Excessive calories should be avoided. If a weight loss diet is to be applied, it can be applied after the edema phase that will last for 1 month.

This technique, also called laser lipolysis, is a technique based on the principle of breaking down fat tissues with laser energy. The technique, which has recently been applied in aesthetic surgery, has started to gain popularity. Since laser is given to the surface area, the recovery of the skin is faster. For this reason, the possibility of sagging on the skin is lower than other types of liposuction.