Masseter Botox

Cosmetician gives chin botox injection to patient

Masseter Botox

What is Masseter Botox (Chin Botox)?

Masseter hypertrophy (masseter enlargement) is defined as the enlargement of the masseter muscle, which is located on the side of the jaw area and known as the strongest chewing muscle, and becomes visible even from the outside. The most common causes of this situation are clenching and grinding teeth for various reasons, as well as chewing too much gum and consuming hard meat frequently. Masseter botox applied for the treatment of this ailment is an aesthetic procedure in which the lower part of the face where the masseter muscle is located is thinned. In this application, also known as chin botox, it is aimed to treat deformities in the lower part of the face.

Especially during periods of intense stress, people may clench their teeth without being aware of it. The habit of clenching teeth leads to enlargement of the facial and chewing muscles. This situation is also very inconvenient in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the face. Because the appearance of the face is distorted. Thanks to the chin botox application developed as a remedy for this situation, the square face shape, which provides a more masculine and firm appearance, is reduced. Thus, a more proportional face shape emerges. Excessive growth of the masseter muscle can cause discomfort both aesthetically and physically. Therefore, this process, also known as clenching botox, is sometimes applied with the goal of both shape and functional treatment.

Why is Masseter Botox (Chin Botox) Done?

The growth of the masseter muscle does not pose much of a functional obstacle. However, this abnormal growth can be visually disturbing. Because in such cases, the chin expands to the sides and your face shape starts to resemble a square. This is particularly problematic for women. Because women do not want to have masculine and hard facial features.

The abnormal growth of the masseter muscle, in addition to causing visual distress, also invites problems such as grinding and clenching teeth during sleep. It is necessary to get rid of this situation, which can cause both pain and damage to the teeth. Masseter botox, also known as chin botox, is a method developed to eliminate such problems.

What are the Benefits of Masseter Botox?

There are several advantages that masseter botox provides. The benefits of this process for individuals can be listed as follows:

  • It is an extremely safe application. As it is known, botox is an application that does not require surgical intervention. Therefore, it does not carry risks like plastic surgery operations.
  • It gives a thinner and oval face rather than a square appearance by thinning the chin structure.
  • With this botox procedure applied to the jaw muscles, the size of the jaw muscles is reduced. Thus, you will have a thinner and more pronounced jaw line.
  • You will get rid of the pain caused by jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Who Can Have Masseter Botox?

Adults who are not satisfied with the shape of their chin and do not have any discomfort that may cause problems with the application can have this procedure done. However, chin botox is not recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers and individuals who are not in good general health.

When does the masseter botox effect go away?

The percent thinning you will achieve as a result of this application will reach the maximum level within 3-4 weeks. The V effect (thinning effect) that occurs with this process lasts for 4 months. As long as you repeat the procedure and therefore the injections, the permanence of the thinning effect will increase.

How often does the procedure need to be repeated?

Usually, most patients do not require additional treatment after initial treatment. However, individuals who want more contours are recommended to have the procedure for re-injection every 6 months.

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