Migraine Botox

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Migraine Botox

It has been proven by scientific research that migraine botox reduces and prevents migraine attacks. Especially chronic migraine sometimes lasts longer than 3 months. Some migraine attacks occur at frequent intervals. In some patients, vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light may occur with migraine.

People with migraine disease do not enter crowded environments due to this disease and are affected by light. They may experience headaches that limit their social life. Therefore, botox application is recommended in cases where migraine attacks are frequent and in cases where patients cannot find a solution with medication. By applying migraine botox, the patient’s quality of life is increased and their pain is reduced. With Botox application, a significant reduction in chronic headaches is achieved.

What is the Effect of Botox Method in Migraine Treatment?

Botox method, which is one of the treatment methods of migraine pain, is performed as a medical application. This medical practice was determined by chance. Because botox applications applied to the face for aesthetic and beauty purposes lead to reduction of migraine attacks in many people, it has been concluded that botox will be good for migraine treatment. For this reason, scientific researches and studies on this field have been made and are still being carried out.

In addition, according to scientific studies, it is the nerve compression points that lead to the onset of migraine attacks in the neck and head. Therefore, by treating migraine with Botox, Botox is injected into the points that cause nerve compression. Botox application is a method that treats the muscles. In other words, by applying the botox method, it is tried to prevent the compression of the nerves and thus the migraine attack is ended.

What are the Advantages of Migraine Treatment with Botox?

Botox method used in migraine treatment has many advantages. The most important advantage of using the botox method in the treatment of migraine is that it has considerably reduced the use of drugs. In fact, some patients do not use any medication at all. After the Migraine Botox method, a significant decrease was observed in the migraine attacks of the patients. The quality of life of the patient increases with the application of botox method in the treatment of migraine. Which patient candidate is more suitable for botox application in migraine treatment method? Botox method should not be applied in every patient experiencing migraine pain and migraine attack. Botox method may not be beneficial for some patients. It is recommended that people who have frequent migraine attacks and people who do not benefit from other methods used in migraine treatment should have Botox method instead of using too much medication.

It takes between 3 and 10 days for successful and positive effects to emerge after botox application in migraine treatment. Migraine Botox application is very comfortable and convenient. After the Botox application, the patient can return to his normal life and perform his social activities. Botox application does not affect daily life.

Is Migraine Treatment with Botox a Safe Method?

Migraine Botox application has been approved by the federal approval center (FDA), which is the drug center in America. Therefore, it can be applied safely. Local anesthesia ointment is used in Botox application and the patient does not feel pain or pain during the application. However, migraine treatment with Botox takes approximately 30 minutes.

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