Nasolabial Filling

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Nasolabial Filling

What is Nasolabial Filling?

Nasolabial filling is a filling application applied to remove the lines descending from the nose wings to the rim of the mouth. These lines, which deepen over time due to aging, genetic and environmental factors, cause changes in facial expression; An unhappy and sad expression may occur on the face. People who complain about this situation can get rid of the lines that negatively affect their expression by choosing the nasolabial filling process. Nasolabial filling removes the fat loss that causes the formation of the deep line extending from the nose wings to the edges of the mouth and eliminates the deepening in the region by providing the required volume. Nasolabial filling is the most painless, practical and successful method for removing deep lines.

What Should Be Considered While Getting Nasolabial Filling? What Kind of Filling Should Be Preferred?

The nasolabial region is one of the areas most prone to sagging on the face. Therefore, it is of great aesthetic importance to intervene in the nasolabial region at an early age. For this, lifting interventions that will provide tension of the face and gaining the necessary volume of the cheekbones should be the step before the nasolabial filling intervention.

To Whom Can Nasolabial Filling Be Applied?

Nasolabial filling can be applied to people who have deep wrinkles, lines and collapse problems in the area called nasolabial, extending from the wings of the nose to the edges of the mouth. The collapse in the cheeks reveals more wrinkles and deepening in the nasolabial region. Nasolabial filling is especially recommended for people with these two types of conditions. Nasolabial filling can be applied to anyone, young or old, as long as they do not have a disabling disease.

How is Nasolabial Filling Application Performed?

Depending on the problem or problems of the patient who wants to have nasolabial filler application, the application method and the amount of dose to be applied are decided. Before the application, the area is sterilized and anesthetic cream or optional local anesthesia can be used. Thus, the patient is prevented from feeling pain during the application.

Nasolabial filler is injected into the lines with a fine needle or cannula. Unlike other filling applications, it is not preferred to give maximum filling at one time in nasolabial filling. A less voluminous application is made to obtain the most natural and healthy result. It is observed whether there is a change in the smile and facial expressions of the patient. In this process, the patient should not be disturbed if the depth in the nasolabial region is not completely removed, and he should be informed that he will get results in the next session. To complete the application in two times is to ensure that the patient gains a more proportional, healthy and aesthetic appearance.


When Is the Effect of Nasolabial Filling Seen?

The effect of the nasolabial filling is seen immediately after the application. As a matter of fact, it takes an average of 2 weeks for the filling containing hyaluronic acid to absorb water, and the real image emerges after this process.

How Long Is the Nasolabial Filling Permanent?

The duration of nasolabial filling varies from person to person. The average retention time observed in the treated patients is 9 to 18 months. This period decreases or increases according to the environmental conditions of the person, the permanence of the filler, and the use of cigarettes.

How Often Is Nasolabial Filling Applied?

After the nasolabial filling application, if the patient achieves the desired appearance, he can have the next two sessions 6 months apart. After the first 3 applications, it can be repeated once a year depending on the permanence of the filling. In this way, the appearance of grooves does not occur again in the patient, the continuity of the aesthetic appearance is ensured.


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