PRP Supported Hair Treatments

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PRP Supported Hair Treatments

PRP, which is a cellular form of treatment, proceeds with the phenomenon of using one’s own blood cells. In the application called PRP method, 8-10 cc of blood is taken and these blood are processed in special kits. After passing through the centrifuge, that is, the rapid rotation process, the red cells and white cells in the blood are separated. The platelet-enriched portion is obtained and the liquid PRP is made suitable for hair treatment. While there are approximately 200,000 platelets per milliliter in normal blood, it becomes more than 3 times this number in the PRP mixture. An average of 4 cc of PRP fluid is obtained from 8-10 cc blood tubes.

What are the Benefits to Hair?

This liquid, especially when injected into the scalp, is used as an alternative to mesotherapy for hair loss. Keratinocytes and epithelial growth factors provided by the thrombocyte give accurate results, especially in areas where the hair strands are thinner. For hair weakened by PRP hair treatment, it provides thickening of the hair follicles in the area, making them voluminous and growing the roots.

The positive effects seen in mesotherapy by waiting for a long time show themselves in the first session of PRP. In PRP applications, which are generally applied on the scalp in 3 sessions with 2-3 weeks intervals, the revival of the patient’s hair can be seen very clearly in the second session.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

The permanence of this process is between a minimum of 12 months and 18 months. In summary, PRP has no permanent effect. The process needs to be repeated for a while in the future. As long as the cycles are repeated, the benefits of PRP continue to increase and the duration is prolonged.

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