PRP Treatment

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PRP Treatment

PRP (platelet rich plasma) kısaca kanın pıhtılaşmasını sağlayan platelet (trombosit adı da verilir) hücrelerinden zengin plazma anlamına gelmektedir. Oldukça popüler hale gelen bu PRP uygulamaları ne işe yarar, nasıl etki etmektedir, vücutta ne gibi değişikliklerin olmasını sağlamaktadır gibi akla gelen sorulara açıklamalar bulacaksınız.

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PRP Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

We can summarize it as giving the blood taken from the person through special processes and giving it back to the patient by application. If we open this, a specially prepared amount of blood is taken. The blood is centrifuged. A platelet-rich serum is separated in the centrifuged tube containing blood. By taking this serum, PRP liquid is obtained. It is a safe practice since the blood product obtained is given to him.

There are also intense growth factors in the cells that allow the blood to clot, which we call platelets. When damage occurs in any part of our body, these cells are transported to that area by blood. These growth factors initiate a complex series of repair processes in the damaged area. With the application of PRP, these cells are transferred to the target tissue in greater numbers. Growth factors entering through the platelet also activate stem cells. Fibroblast cells, which produce collagen, increase the production of collagen and rejuvenate the skin. Thus, a stronger repair effect is created in the treated area.

It is applied to the application area by injecting it under the skin with small fine needles. It can be applied to the hairy area with a mesotherapy gun. After peeling, fractional laser, roller and dermapen applications, it can be applied to the skin and fed with a mask.

PRP, which has many applications in medicine, is mostly applied in the aesthetic & cosmetic sector for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment. It immediately starts to repair the damage in the applied skin area and starts to give the skin a younger and brighter appearance. The depth of wrinkles begins to decrease. When applied around the eyes, it is seen that the dark circles are reduced.

PRP application can be made once every fifteen days. A total of 4 sessions will be sufficient. After the 3-month and 6-month controls, 1 session, and 1 year later, 1 session of PRP application can be added. In combined sessions with mesotherapy, a monthly PRP application can be placed between the mesotherapy sessions at 10-15 day intervals.