Stain Treatment

Stain Treatment

The stain is formed as a result of the irregular clustering of the pigment called melanin, which gives the skin color, under the skin in certain parts of the body. Stain due to melanin pigment deposition;

* As a pregnancy mask (chloasma) on the face during pregnancy,

* As age spots on the back of the hand, chest, neck and face with age,

* In the form of sunspots on the face and décolleté skin after sunburns caused by sunbathing,

* In areas such as armpits and neck after deodorant and perfume applications,

* After uncontrolled contact with chemicals and sun, after laser epilation or waxing

* In some systemic diseases (kidney and diabetes, etc.), spotting occurs on the skin in the form of color change from region to region

Stain Treatment Steps

* The reason for the formation of the stain is investigated. For example, it is known that vascular structures form the stain. If problems such as capillary increases on the face and rosacea are not treated, spots will appear again.

* Acute skin diseases on the skin that cause itching should be treated.

* Spot treatments are long-lasting treatments. Therefore, the patient should be advised to be patient.

* Necessary care and protection should be done after stain treatment.

Methods Used in Spot Treatment

* Stain mesotherapy

* Q switch laser

* Fractional laser

* Gold needle radiofrequency

* Cosmelan-Dermamelan depigmentation treatment

What should I do to prevent stain formation?

You should make the use of sunscreen cream an indispensable part of your life. Sunscreens are not just products to be used in summer and daytime. You need to use it day and night, summer and winter. You should not neglect sunscreens, as spotlights and nighttime electric lamps emit ultraviolet rays from the television beam. It is also very important to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. Moisturizing and taking care of your face, décolleté and hand areas, which are the most sensitive parts of your skin, will stop both staining and rapid wear of those areas.

Cosmetic products such as deodorant, cologne, wet wipes and bronzer can cause staining if not used carefully. It is necessary to use sunscreens carefully after aesthetic applications such as laser epilation, waxing, peeling, laser applications and skin care.

You should be extremely careful when going out in the sun as you are prone to spotting due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

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