Thread Face and Neck Lift

Thread Face and Neck Lift

With the demand for non-surgical solutions, the concept of aesthetics without surgery has emerged and has become more popular over time. The concept of aesthetics with thread is also aesthetic methods developed with this idea. Previously, herringbone threads emerged and were widely used in face lifting, but recently, the size has shifted to different points with the use of subcutaneous surgical threads.


It is possible to see a rejuvenation effect in different parts of the body, such as the face, neck and even arms, butt and belly, with methods called organic lifting. Aesthetics with thread can be done in two different ways. It aims to stimulate cells in the subcutaneous tissues by placing fusible surgical threads (Polidioxanone-PDO) popularized as spider web aesthetics, called Ultra V lifting method, under the skin with a non-surgical method. The effect comes later. The other application is based on the principle of hanging the face upwards by sticking to the subcutaneous tissues when pulled upwards. The effect is seen immediately.

What is the Effect Mechanism?

In the method called Ultra V, PDO threads are placed under the skin by means of fine needles. With the foreign body reaction that will occur here, the collagen producing cells of the skin are stimulated. With the production of collagen, the loss of elasticity in the skin begins to decrease and a lifting effect begins to occur. The effect increases over time and the area to be applied recovers. Over time, the decreased skin quality loss is eliminated. The changes that occur here are indirect and will occur over time.

Thread suspending methods (Silhouette Soft™), on the other hand, are suspending the skin upwards with herringbone or cone shaped threads placed under the skin. Since the effect is in the form of mechanical suspension, the changes are immediately visible. Over time, the suspension effect begins to decrease.

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Thread Face and Neck Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

The process made with PDO threads is ideal for people who do not sag heavily, and whose lines are not too deep, and who have a slight loss of elasticity. It can be applied to both men and women. The effect occurs over time. With the disappearance of loss of elasticity over time, a more dynamic and rejuvenated appearance emerges. The direct hanging technique, on the other hand, is applied in cases where the face droops, where loss of elasticity is experienced, and the lines of the nose edge (nasolabial) and the edge of the mouth (marionette) deepen. The effect is immediate. As the face hangs upwards, deepening lines are opened with the effect of recovery. In fact, the patient profile suitable for facelift surgery is the application to be made if they are afraid of surgery.

The duration of the procedure, for example, if it is to be placed under the skin with the PDO tunnel technique, varies according to the number of threads to be placed in surgical thread procedures. Average processing time is 30 minutes.

These are the applications that will be included in the concept of lunch break aesthetics. Since it takes place in the office environment, he can easily return to work after the procedure.

Non-surgical medical applications are not permanent. It varies from person to person depending on the quality of the skin or the degree of loss of elasticity. The average duration of action is 2 years. With additional applications such as mesolifting, HIFU ultraskin, PRP, the duration of action can be extended up to 3-4 years.