Vaginal Filling

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Vaginal Filling

What are the most common main problems in the genital area?

  1. Outer lip sagging,
  2. The outer lip is wrinkled and deflated, that is, it does not have a puffy appearance,
  3. The inner lip is large and drooping,
  4. The genital area is darker than necessary,
  5. Vaginal opening is very wide,
  6. Birth suture scars giving a bad appearance.

Why do big lips droop?

Especially with aging, the skin tissue in the large lips loses its resistance, sags and acquires a wrinkled appearance. This is mostly due to the fact that the collagen connective tissue of the person is not good in terms of genetics. Smoking, alcohol use, some skin diseases, chronic itching due to fungal infection, rapid weight gain and loss, chronic irritation (irritation), aging and menopause can cause sagging of the large lips. It is aimed to remove such sagging with filler injections made to the genital area.

How is the vaginal outer lip sagging treatment done?

Vagina Outer lip sagging treatment is personal. In other words, your age changes according to your sagging condition. But overall the treatments are similar. If there is a lot of sagging in your outer lips, outer lip lift surgery is performed. But if there is no severe sagging, outer lip filling is done. There is no medicine or cream to treat sagging.

How is the outer lip filling of the vagina done?

Hyaluronic acid filling: The outer lips of the vagina are filled with cross-linked hyaluronic acid. This filler is the same filler you use for your lips and various parts of your face. The permanence period of this filling is 6-9 months on average. Thanks to the water absorption feature of hyaluronic acid, it stretches your wrinkled skin and keeps it plump. It is done with local anesthesia. It is not a painful procedure.

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