Breast Aesthetics Golden Ratio: Determining Sizes and Measurements

Breast surgery is among the most preferred aesthetic operations in the world.These operations are basically performed to redesign the breasts of people, to make them proportional to their bodies and to eliminate health problems.Within the scope of breast surgery, it is possible to provide changes such as enlargement, reduction, lifting and asymmetry correction. The appearance that people will have after the operation should be determined after the interviews made by the surgeon and the patient.

Golden Ratio in Aesthetics

The use of the golden ratio, which appears at very unusual points in the universe, is also increasing in aesthetics. The golden ratio in breast aesthetics is calculated by the angles of the areola with the upper breast border line and the lower breast border line.This calculation gives very effective results when right operations are combined with each other during practice.Having an angle of 45 degrees between the areola and the upper breast border line, and an angle of 55 degrees with the lower breast border line generally makes it possible to achieve the ideal appearance. However, it should always be a priority for the intervention to meet the expectations of the person.Of course, the result of each operation should not be expected to give the ratio of 1.618, which is accepted in the whole universe. The main reason for this is the differentiation of people’s physical structures and expectations.

What is the Ideal Breast Size and Shape?

The ideal breast size should be compatible with the person’s body structure. This harmony both makes you feel more comfortable physically and allows every part of the body to look equally impressive.The shape of the breast is also determined according to the body structure of the person, her expectation and the scope of the operation.If breast prosthesis is to be applied, drop-shaped prostheses are preferred for natural appearance, while round-shaped prostheses are used for a fuller and upright appearance.In determining the ideals, it is necessary to examine the current situation clearly and to plan according to realistic expectations. Otherwise, the results will be unsatisfactory when slot deposit pulsa 10rb tanpa potongan looking in the mirror.

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